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It’s been a while since my last post….

Just kidding. Its been an absolute age since my last post and so much has happened. Im disappointed in myself for not keeping up with writing. I enjoy it quite a lot, but as usual time has not been on my side, and the time I have had has been filled with many other things.

20150717_132933_zpscpimyifuI got married in July 2015. I remember not long after our wedding thinking that I was going to write this full on post about the wedding and such but quite simply never got around to it. To keep the update short for you (as I have many other things to detail) our wedding was perfection. Marrying the person who has made me the strongest version of
myself since I can remember was truly a dream come true. She is everything I need in a partner and wife. Thank you Danielle. I love you.


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We celebrated our marriage by taking a few days in Paris. Classing this as our ‘mini-moon’ (our honey moon is to come later this year). My experience of Paris was limited to a school trip to Disneyland Paris and Assassins Creed Unity. Paris was a fantastic experience and one my Wife and I hope to repeat in later years. Unfortunately I started smoking again whilst there – everyone was just so fast and the atmosphere was constantly buzzing. I would liken Paris to London on speed. Architecture was immaculate and bigger and the whole environment was fast. A lovely place that needs your full attention to be truly appreciated.



For those of you wanting to know my stag-do was a messy affair (both from alcohol and weather) – the heavy metal festival Download. My best man did a great job of organizing a the get away with my brothers and other mates chipping in a few ideas. Thanks lads.

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I have started a new job, one with more responsibility and some more power (I’m sure there is a catch phrase hidden there?!) a challenge was just what I needed to excite my interest in what had become a very stagnant stage in my career. This time around im in the big leagues, there will still be those that can’t believe I can do this but I have done a pretty good job of proving them wrong so far, so why stop now?

Looking over my various social networks I have been stale in my updates. Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and even Twitter updates to some extent have been pretty fragmented. I would like to change this but I won’t make any resolutions to improve this I’ll just see what happens and hope for the best. I have however set myself a few internal goals with regards to blogging, photography and interests that hopefully I can be practical with so they see fruition.

I’m currently reading ‘Blood of Elves’ – the first in a series of books detailing the saga of ‘The Witcher’ Geralt of Rivia, along with this I am making my way
through a book I am absolutely determined to finish that I started early last year – ‘Wards of the Faeire’ (Terry Brooks, Shannara Dark Legacy series) In keeping with the fantasy elements I am also mainly playing ‘the Witcher 3’ on my PlayStation 4. An absolute corker of a game. I don’t think I have played a game as good as this since ‘The Last of Us’ – and in a year with ‘Metal Gear Solid 5’ that is saying something.

If you haven’t got Spotify then what are you doing? It has seriously changed my life in terms of the sheer amount of music I have available to me. The quality is great and catalogue equals that. Jamie, my man, thanks for hooking me up with this.

I’ll end now, but stayed tuned for updates. Big plans for this space as we move forward. Just hope I can actually be bothered to even try and stay on track with them.

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Zero Visibility

It has been an absolute age since my last post and so much has happened that I am now in a position where there is too much to cover in such a short space but then if I don’t I kind of feel like I am starting again.

I last posted July 27th last year and the time before that was January 20th.  Its nearly been a whole year.  I must thank the regulars of you that have been keeping the hits up, although by now I’ve probably lost a lot of you.  After deliberating on how best for us to catch up I have decided it was best to do some sort of bulleted mini post for each thing I felt relevant sharing…

  • I have finally given up smoking!
    Yes that’s right as of October 27th 2013 I have been cigarette free.  In January 2013 I wrote this: “…And that’s where the willpower has to kick in, I can do this, I can beat this – well until i’m laid on a sun lounger under the glorious sunshine in some foreign country again drinking free beer…” – that was in reference to the fact I had been using NiQuitine patches and had been smoke free for 5 days.  Funnily enough I started again not long after that post I went on holiday to Mallorca and smoked like a chimney returned from that and thought ahh its not long till I’m next away and so carried on, went to Greece and smoked some more then in October I felt it was right, and I just wanted to.  Touch wood I will remain this way…


    Screw you cigarettes!


  • Holidays
    Me and my beautiful fiancée managed to get away twice last year.  In July we went to Mallorca met some great people and had generally a wicked time.  Then in September we went away to Greece; Zakynthos to be exact and stayed in the town of Kalamaki.  Greece is a lovely place and probably one of my favourites, not least because the sea is simply so clear.  The scenery is breathtaking in places.  Danielle and I had our own adventure hiring a Quad Bike for the day and riding around the whole island.  We went right from the South along the West coast all up to the North (stopping at the mystical Ship Wreck in Navagio Beach) and then  down the East coast back to Kalamaki.
  • Wedding
    Danielle and I have booked our wedding!! Next July is when it is all happening we are very fortunate enough to be able to hold our special day at Branston hall in a small village near where we live.  We booked it in January and since then time has flown by I cannot believe it is literally a year until we get married!!  Next on the agenda is to ‘Give Notice’ at the registrar in August.
  • Ben & Sophie
    Two of our close  friends recently tied the know.  A fantastic day for fantastic people.  I was given the honour of Groomsman, a title I was certainly not expecting but one I embraced gave it the respect Ben and Sophie deserve.  I was also Master of Ceremonies; they had obviously heard about the great job I did at my brothers wedding.  With microphone in hand it was my proud duty to introduce Mr and Mrs Miles to the reception and then to introduce speeches and whatever else I thought necessary 😉 a brilliant day in all.
  • Jamie & Katie
    My best friend Jamie (Gunbuck) proposed to his girlfriend back in February of this year.  An occasion that quite simply no one ever thought would materialize.  Because of which I think everybody was just as shocked as Katie when he asked her.  I for one am made up for them.
  • Uncle pt.2
    My Sister-In-Law is pregnant again and expecting a girl! It will be great to have a girl Goodwin in the family and my brother will have a full set!
  • Tyler
    My little brother has passed his driving test! He kept it really quiet but he has passed and is on the road… not sure how I feel about this but he wanted it bad so I am both pleased for him and proud of him.
  • Reading.
    I am currently reading ‘Wards of The Faeries’ by Terry Brooks.  I wanted to get back into reading a while ago and thought I would give the Terry Pratchet books a go.  However I found his style of writing too heavy and as if he was over explaining parts that didn’t require that much explanation.  I also felt he was trying to hard to be ‘different’ and ‘quirky/funny’ and as a result came off being a dick.  So I went back to the book store and looked at a few covers and read a few backs and decided on this one and my god am I glad I did.  Such an enthralling read.  It has all the mystical fantasy elements of Lord of The Rings and The Witcher but also has some steam punk elements in there as well.  I would seriously recommend you check his books out.

So there you have it.  A brief update on the things I felt relevant at this time to update you on and to start the process for regular (where possible) updates.

As always leave your thoughts, queries or concerns below and thanks for stopping by.


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Rocket To Nowhere

The NBA has been through what can only be described as a major change up this last few months.

With Commissioner David Stern relinquishing his title, one which he has held for over three decades, and handing over to his Deputy (Adam Silver) the recent 2013 draft picks were shocking and somewhat over-shadowed by the fans reception of Sterns retirement.  However David Stern does not formally vacate his roll as Commish until 1 Feb 2014, exactly 30 years to the day he first accepted the role.

I’m not much for the draft.  There is never alot of excitement in it for me and that’s probably because I do not watch College basketball, nor have access to it.  It could be argued that collegiate sports are far more important to the average american family than the actual pro games are. Whether that’s because families are more invested in College as they are closer to home, what with their kids etc going to them I don’t know.  But there is certainly just as much money and hype (if not more) in collegiate sports as in the pros. And because of that you get people being aware of the college players who are being scouted and expected to turn up in the draft and then what team is going to pick what.

The fun of the draft ‘season’ for me, is more the trades.

This year we saw some BIG changes in the L.  None more so than that of Dwight Howard upping sticks and heading to Houston!

Now you could be forgiven for thinking that this has come out of the blue.  I mean there wasn’t really any sign that Howard wanted to leave the Lakers, he was playing okay, getting his minutes and there apparently seemed no issues between him and the rest of the team. But like every other star player; they want more than just a great set of fans and playing with arguably the best point guard/shooting guard/small forward/game winner/ black mamba(Kobe Bryant). The Los Angles Lakers went 45 for 37, barely making themselves a .500 team.  This is a far cry from the Phil Jackson days.  Dwight saw the potential of playing with other players that are just about to step into their prime. Players like James Harden and Jeremy Lin – yeah that guy that drafted with the Knicks and took the League by storm forcing fans around the globe to recognize an era of Linsanity that lasted until injury and a trade to Houston.  But at Houston they have a coach in Kevin Mchale (one of the best post players in history) and Hakeem Olajuwon on the staff.  Howard is set for super-stardom that he could only of dreamed of on the West Coast.

But i’m not even that fussed about D12 making a move. Hop on a greyhound and hit the East Coast and you’ll find that Mikhail Prokohov appears to be fulfilling his promise of a ‘championship caliber team in 5 years’.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Peirce and Jason Terry have joined the Brooklyn Nets. KG averages at 12.7 ppg, and 13.7 rpg. Peirce with 18.9 ppg and Terry at 12 ppg.  Add that to the already impressive stats of DWill 20.6 ppg 8.4 apg, Iso Joe with 14.9 ppg and at center Brook Lopez with 22.3 ppg 7.4 rpg (sorry for all the numbers!)  The Brooklyn Nets look set to makje a big impact on the league this year.  Great roster of players and a bench that still has Marshon Brooks, I think teams are going to have to think twice about how ‘easy’ BKN is going to be in the 2013-2014 season.  Towards the end of last season we got rid of the dead weight that was Avery Johnson and fortunately had an Assistant Coach who was ready to step up in PJ Carlesimo,  PJ got us to the playoffs and ended a season with 49-33 ( a big improvement from previous 2011-2012 22W-44L) however PJ obviously didn’t have what Billy King wanted and so when the Nets dropped out of the playoffs after round one PJ was also dropped and the hunt for a new head coach was on.

Jason Kidd, a former New Jersey Nets player and starting point guard.

He was a ten-time NBA All-Star, a five-time All-NBA First Team member, and a nine-time NBA All-Defensive Team member.

In just 10 days Kidd had retired from playing basketball for the Dallas Mavericks and was hired as the Head Coach of the Nets, (and all before Derrick Rose could say he was fit. Again.) It is my strong belief that JKidd has what it takes to help mould the Nets into a strong and capable winning formula.  He has modern day, relevant playing experience which will allow him to empathize with the team when they are fatigued or downhearted playing against the Heat.  He led the league in assists on a regular basis, which will help DWill, and we should see much more cohesive basketball.  Towards the end of last season DWill was feeding Lopez some awesome balls and it helped the team win and Lopez to be noticed for what he is.  A great center.  Kidd knows and understands that basketball is a team game and the best chance you have of winning is to play unselfishly.

We’re going to turn this team around 360 degrees.

Jason knows how to play with superstars and knows that will great skills come great egos.  He should have the ability and apathy to understand that each player on his team has at one time or another achieved greatness and therefore are worthy of good court time and stats.  Having at a time, great accuracy shooting a 3 ball in his tenure then he should also have no problem coaching the likes of Johnson, Peirce and Terry.  There only spot I think he may struggle with is center and power forward – but only cos he hasn’t played there! – I think being able to play with some of the best big men or against some of the best big men will help him here.  But let’s not forget that ironically Jason Kidd has hired his former Head Coach of the NJ Nets when he played there, Lawrence Frank as his assistant coach.  Frank is known to be one of the best when it comes to drawing up plays and has a wealth of experience with the NBA. With two season as head coach at Detroit, Frank spent a season under Doc Rivers as assistant to the Boston Celtics so he has some experience with the Nets newly acquired talent.

Either way this season is going to be exciting to say the least.  What do you guys think, leave your comment in the section below 🙂

Ell Himself


That unknown entity that surrounds the world as we know it.  Now to the everyday person magic normal conjures up images of what are actually known as ‘Illusions’.  David Blaine whacking a dime through the bottom of a Corona bottle without breaking it, or Dynamo somehow seemingly managing to pass through a solid plane glass window without so much as a scratch to said glass.  For the older generation we’re talking about David Copperfield making the Eiffel Tower or Statue Of Liberty disappear.

But to others with a little more imagination, those of us that have played a Zelda game or two or any of the Final Fantasy franchise, Magic is quite simply… Magical.  Summoning the unthinkable to do the impossible in a far away universe where they are surrounded by houses dug into hill sides, lost cities at the bottom of the oceans, wizards riding bareback on white stallion horses and auras in the form of effervescent dust particles leaving the hands or body and performing incantations.

You with me? because right now my imagination is running wild – i’m quite literally on a magical high! I’m back to remembering my child hood dreams of riding Epona and visiting Zora’s fountain and taking down the Shinra corporation with Ifrit chucking fiery meteors at my side, with a company of elves shooting arrows at lighting speed past my ears as I control the elements with my hands.

I have to shout out to my friend Gunbuck here and say that had I not seen his Instagram hashtag #WishMyFriendsLikeThis on a picture of some playing cards I would never know the elation of being so purely addicted to something since Pokemon first did the rounds back in 1999.  Me being me assured him that as his best mate i’d have a look into what ever it was that he was so keen about and if I liked it i’d take it up and then he wouldn’t be on his own.

After several hours on Google and Wiki I had read the full backstory to the creation, history and ethos of Magic:The Gathering.


In short in Magic: The Gathering, you are the Wizard or Mage (known as a Planeswalker) travelling the different Planes of the Multiverse, battling other planeswalkers you meet by way of a turn based card system summoning great creatures and casting spells.  To even attempt to write the rules here would be a ridiculous ask; but I shall try and explain the process in ever so basic terms: You have a deck of cards called a library at the beginning of a game each player Planeswalker draws 7 cards.  Summoning creatures and castings spells is not easy and everything comes at a price, and there is a currency (of sorts) in the form of Mana.  Mana is what is needed to pay the price for what you want to do, mana comes in the form of Lands, and different colour mana entitles you to different abilities and creatures etc.

Each planeswalker starts a game with 20 life and the object of the game is to deplete your opponents life to zero by way of summoning creatures to attack and casting various sorceries.  There are five colours of Mana in the multiverse – White, Blue, Black, Red and Green.  Each colour having different meanings and representations.  White for instance is the colour of Order and Protection, whilst Red is the colour of Chaos and Emotion, Black is Decay and Death, Blue being Deceit and Intellect and Green being Nature and Life.  Because of the differing meanings of Mana the creatures and spells representing that particular mana act in different ways and have different abilites.  Thus the game is one of Strategy. Summon your Green creatures too early and they may not be as powerful as they could be and Black or Blue creatures might be able to send them to graveyard early in the game or set them on themselves before they have done anything for you.

It was my anniversary on Thursday, 3 years with my soul mate, and I quite simply have the most amazing fiancée  I could wish for.  I had been conversing with Gunbuck for several days and hours about getting some cards of my own, and through his extensive knowledge of the game I have learnt a fair bit about it – Dannii knew this and on Thursday I was surprised with my own Deck Builders toolkit – 285 cards that would allow me to start the making of my libraries ready for battle. I have chosen Green and White mana to build around, with a main library of each and a mixed one – I chose these colours as Green is my favorite colour and their back-stories interested me the most; with my first expansion that I intend on trying to collect being Avacyn Restored.  It sounds ridiculously geeky and you know what it probably is, but it is a reasonably inexpensive hobby.

To get my head around the rules I was informed by Gunbuck that there is a computer game – Magic: The Gathering Duals of the Planeswalkers 2013 – as part of this game there is a tutorial that will help teach the rules and how the turns work, playing this and then the game itself will set me in good stead for playing Gunbuck himself and others using my actual cards 🙂

In other news, i’ve been using NiQuitine patches in an attempt to kick the smokes and you know what, i’ve been 5 days smoke free! Not one single puff, secret cig, excused drag or stressed releaving cigarette in sight.  It’s hard to explain, but the craving just isn’t there – believe me  I still want one, at times i’m still thinking ‘i should go for a fag’ like now for instance, i’m sat here typing away thinking to myself

‘you’ve gone 5 days whats one gonna do, you know you want one’

And that’s where the willpower has to kick in, I can do this, I can beat this – well until i’m laid on a sun lounger under the glorious sunshine in some foreign country again drinking free beer…

I had my last day at work yesterday, off for a week to Centre Parcs then start my new job as Home Manager on my return.  Gunbuck and his girlfriend are moving back to Sleaford.  We have the last few games of the LBBA season and Dannii starts her new college course; so a few things to look forward to 🙂

See you in the next plane fellow walker…

Ell Himself


Basketball Is Dying

So it’s Friday and the first time this year at my regular posting.  In my last post I talked about the improvement of Brook Lopez and that the rumors of a Dwight Howard trade to the Nets might be on the cards again.  Well the rumors appear to of died down again, as they did last year.  Twice.  It’s interesting to see just how much buzz is created from a comment or a by a certain reporters take on said comment.

No sooner had I posted about the article on NYDailyNews.com did I see alternative reports from news sites based on the West Coast of the USA.  Obviously these articles were of a completely different nature, stating that infact the relationship between Kobe and Dwight couldn’t be stronger – but then of course they would be LA is on the West Coast, and the Lakers are a West Coast team, why would anyone on that side want to believe that perhaps the most dominant center in the league at the moment could up and leave for the coldness that is East Coast New York.

On the East Coast of things, Brooklyn are now 6 and 1 since  P.J Carlesimo took over as interim head coach and appear to be on the cusp of continuning this streak, tonight they take on the Phoenix Suns at home, this is the Sun’s first time at the Barclays Centre and to say the home crowd wont be an advantage for the Nets is probably to underestimate just what Jay Z and Mikhail Prokohov have done in the re brand and relocation.  They have given Brooklyn a team to root for, move over support; bringing back professional sports to the borough that’s last local team was the Brooklyn Dodgers.  And with the Nets on this win streak and the supposed burden of Avery Johnson released and P.J finding his groove things are looking good.

The local Basketball team I play for; The Cranwell Hawks saw the return of their season earlier this week in a cross conference game against the Grantham Honda Outlaws – when we last played them we lost by 17. This game started completely differently than last time, we were focused, and were driven by the 2 for 2 win streak we had begun towards the end of 2012, which included a win against possibly the best team in our league.  Needless to say we won, and won hard.  The final score was 48-70 (to us), next stop in our road games is an away game at the Grimsby Mayhem next Tuesday.  A win against them will mean 2 for 2 in meeting them this season.

I’ve been trying my hand a new fitness regime/program.  You may of heard of it…Insanity.  Let me tell you it is just that.  Insane.  I considered my fitness etc to be pretty good, granted I smoke(d) but I was still playing a good 35 mins per game and lead a fairly active and full life.  How wrong was I?  I completed the Fit Test with relatively no problems, and so thought I would be okay to continue on with the program. First day was Plyometric and Cardio.  I was using muscles I didn’t know I had in my legs, they felt like they were gonna fall off, and my flexibility was (is) shocking.  I’ve carried on with it though, and am definitely going to finish the 60 days, I just completed day 10 today, and can’t say I’ve noticed a significant difference or improvement however as the days go on I can complete the warm up for each day with ease now and don’t seem to be needing to strain my legs or body as much but I still have a long way to go!

On Sunday I travel to Birmingham to watch the BBL (British Basketball League) Final and Slamdunk contest which should be good fun, apparently there is a game between the England and Ireland selects, but I think the main highlight will be the actual final and of course the Slamdunk contest.  Which brings me to this…

The Government announced on December 18th that after a poor show at London 2012 they are cutting all funding for Basketball in England – despite it being the worlds second most popular sport (behind Football (Soccer) and despite the English team doing the equivalent of going from League 2 to the Premier League in Football, and playing some of the best teams around the globe.  It strikes me as odd and completely unfair and unreasonable.  There are dozens of sports that still aren’t performing even after 3 or 4 rounds of funding.  There are players representing over the Atlantic Pond showing that England isn’t just about boozed up yobs and skin headed tossers – look at Luol Deng, Joel Freeland, Ben Gordon and Byron Mullens and their the ones presently playing in the NBA, the list goes on if you look at past players dating as far back at the 1950’s; how does anyone expect to get any further if there is no support?

Find out a little more here and please show your support by signing this petition.  Save British Basketball.


Ell Himself


So the rumors have resurfaced and the internet and the league are a buzz with ‘he say – she say’.

Apparently The Nets might be looking to position themselves again for trade talks with the Lakers Center when the end of January hits.

Last season Brooklyn were looking to secure the big man who wasn’t happy with his lot at Orlando, those talks centred around Brook Lopez and a bunch of draft picks.  Lopez who is really on form this season, (probably playing the best ball he’s ever played), is again in the spot light now the rumours have ignited again.

And it is for this reason as well as his play that is really making me look at Lopez in a different light.

I’ve been a Nets fan for a long time now, back when JKidd and Kittles were the talk of New Jersey, which was a good time, as I was then introduced to the magic of Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson and the ’05 Dynasty era.  Mutombo (later Josh Boone) was the center then, and he really didn’t have much of an impact in the game –  (when he played as he was consistently  plagued by injuries and had very little to do with the playoffs when we got there, we should remember that Dikembe was brought in as New Jersey wanted a powerful big man that could contend with the likes of Shaq, and Tim Duncan) – as the ball was ran by the front court trio.

Lopez was a 10th round pick for the Nets back in the 2008 draft, and began starting for the Nets after an injury took Boone out of the line-up.

Lopez went on to play in the 2009 Rookie All Star game and began to average ‘okay’ numbers.

He’s never been a name you would throw around in the same conversation as say Tyson Chandler, Tim Duncan, Serge Ibaka, or even Pau Gasol (centre wise).  However in my opinion I think that began to change around the same time Shaq named Brook as the best centre in the league.  People began to take notice of him and started looking at his game to see if Shaq was smoking something when he made such a bold statement.  Unfortunately this was also around the time the first round of trade talks began with a pitch by the Nets for Dwight Howard.  During this time you could say the media buzz affected Lopez’s game as he was displaying fairly negative stats.  But alas Dwight let the colour of money (namely yellow and purple) and the chance to play with someone as good as the man who wears 24 make his decision and he signed with the LA Lakers in a deal affecting 4 other teams.

The dust settled and play resumed as normal.

We’re 3 quarters of the way through the 2012/2013 season and the talks have started again presumably after this comment, courtesy of nydailynews.com

(Chemistry) is something we have to do to get better…
We have to play like we like each other. Even if we don’t want to be friends off the court, whatever that may be, when we step in between the lines or we step in the locker room or the gym, we have to respect each other and what we bring to the table.

Dwight said this during an interview after the Lakers fell to 15-18 at the Denver Nuggets.  Probably off the back of Kobe remarks and disdain for his new center.   Kobe has made no secret that he feels Howard is lacking in offense and effort, calling him soft; Kobe’s anger was evident after the loss at the hands of the 76ers.

NYDailynews.com reports –

A league source told the Daily News that the Lakers stars got into a heated exchange following a New Year’s Day loss to the 76ers, and Bryant went for a low blow – referencing and agreeing with Shaquille O’Neal’s criticisms of Howard being soft.Howard was restrained from going at his teammate, according to the source, and there have been rumblings from the center’s camp that he’s been unhappy with Bryant since earlier in the season.

Now I am in no way saying the ‘source’ is factual; more over recently Kobe tweeted a picture of himself in a skit with Coach Mike D’Antoni and Superman:

However this could be public relations, at an attempt to smooth over the fans outcry that the two all stars are not getting on and to attempt to restore faith and solidarity in the Laker camp.

I’m not buying it, Kobe is an 11 time All Star, 5 time All Star MVP, 5 time NBA Champion and I could go on, his credentials are crazy long!  So do we really think that Black Mamba is happy with how his team are playing and more importantly his center is playing? Exactly.

Also lets not forget that Brooklyn was Dwight’s team of choice, particularly because of his friendship with the Nets all star point guard and the fact that going to the Barclays centre would of planted him firmly in the spot light without any other player getting any of the lime light.  This was reaffirmed in October 2012 when Dwight again mentioned that his choice was Brooklyn –

I did want to go to Brooklyn. That’s a place where I told the Magic that I really wanted to go

Dwight told Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco on ESPN NewYork 98.7 FM.

However he wanted something fast, and what the Nets offered wasn’t a quick solution; it required some extra planning – the Lakers had salary space and the authority to do what it takes to bring ‘Showtime’ back to Los Angeles – and Howard just didn’t want to be in Orlando anymore.

But now, as the month end draws closer two facts are bound to make sporting headlines around the globe

  • Howard becomes a free agent
  • Lopez cant be traded until January 15th because of the 4 year $61 million deal he signed in the summer.

Regardless of all the speculation I have to draw back to what I originally wanted to bring up and that was how well Brook Lopez is doing.  It has to be hard for the guy to continually feel like you have to prove yourself, and knowing that the Nets will be looking to recover some of the money they have put into moving, rebranding, re-inventing themselves and unfortunately that money returns by winning games – more importantly winning championships, and although Brooklyn look like they are in a nice spot to make the playoffs, the Finals are a whole different ball game, a ball game that may require trades and more money to be spent.  But hey you gotta spend money to make money.

But Lopez will continue to average 18.9 ppg and 8 rpg 2.3 blkpg shooting on average 50%.  And he will continue to mature into an even more dedicated and talented center with his feet firmly in the ground, or on their way to the hole.  As his response to reporters after yesterdays practice confirmed during this interview.

So for right now, whether we get Dwight or not, I’m backing number 11 to pull down those boards and play the good, traditional post up game that he does so well and that lately we have been have all been loving.



Ell Himself

2013 Let’s Do This

Let's Do This!

You know the saying.  Another day, another year….

No that’s not right is it?

It’s the 4th of January 2013 were 4 days into the new year.  2012 came and went without so much as an apocalypse.  This is not to say that the past year has not had any amazing occurrences to write home about; I got engaged 🙂 … oh yeah and there was some other stuff like the Olympics and the Queens Jubilee 😉

Now to some people things such as my engagement or the Olympics are not big deals.  And more often than not during the summer months did I hear at least 1 person complain and about all the aerobics and swimming etc that was taking over the nation as well as the televisions.  This ‘ disdain’ was magnified during the Queen’s Jubilee where an infinite amount of people could not come to terms with the fact that England is ‘ruled’ by a monarch and has a hierarchy of  royals and did not understand why we should be celebrating our Queens reign to date.

I would just like to point out briefly that I think most of these people forget that without a monarchy we would consequently be run much like a lot of the other countries of the world in that there is one man (or woman?) making the decisions, a president if you will, however the candidates for a president of England would be no where near the caliber needed to fulfill such a task, no where near the caliber of Obama.

Cheeeeeeese!We would have David Cameron or Nick Griffin, and lets not forget that our very own previous Prime Minister Tony Blair spent the majority of time in post making friends with an utterly stupid and incompetent George Bush whilst making England and other countries of Europe join together to make one ‘country’ – only so that once his tenancy as PM finished he could then attempt to run for President of Europe (I’m not kidding, you can Google that!)

Have you made any resolutions?  I remember last year when I made some at the end of my first blog of 2012 –

… although I do want to give up smoking and get more definition to my body.

I’m going to take more pictures (too many pictures) listen to more music, get fitter, eat healthier, write more, draw more and go on holiday abroad.

Lets evaluate these a little; I didn’t give up smoking, I got slightly more definition but no where near what I wanted, if anything I bulked up a little and the definition was on my chest and arms.  I started taking a lot more pictures – thanks to my Camera (thanks Dannii), I listened to music – but then I do constantly anyway, I ate healthy for a time however like the smoking I just didn’t stick to it. I went through a period where my Blog and Tumblr was updated quite regularly, I doodled but nothing major and at the beginning of September me and my beautiful fiancée went abroad to North Africa – Tunisia to be precise.

So like a 65% conversion rate I would say, that’s not bad considering that statistically New Year Resolutions are done away with within the first 3 days of January.

 I just haven’t been able to kick the smokes!

I found that to be far more difficult than I expected it to be and I guess I was obviously too naive to think that I wasn’t that addicted to the sweet release of nicotine.  I did manage to cut down considerably, although when I went on holiday I pushed the boat out smoked loads and drank loads!  But hey I was on holiday so who cares?

Which brings me to here:  I am again attempting to give up smoking and potentially get fit.  My friend has given me the Insanity work out and I completed the fit test the other day, then Day 2 yesterday and tonight I tackle Day 3.  I must add that I am not necessarily doing Insanity to get shredded or ripped etc my main focus for this is to generally increase fitness, increase my vertical jump and explosiveness – which is good as the baseline and majority of the exercises are plyometric formed.  I am not following a specific diet, rather cutting down on snacks and eating at a more appropriate time(s).  My thinking? I can play 4 full quarters of basketball, go to the gym, complete Insanity fit test etc and that’s on current diet and smoking etc so cutting out the smoking and snacks etc is going to be enough of a change I need.  Insanity is a 60 day program; 2 months; so on the 2nd March I should feel considerably different and be able to dunk a basketball far more proficiently! Haha we’ll see, ill keep you posted.

Enjoying the wine!!

Updating you on what I got for Christmas because I know you all want to know! I got thoroughly, well and truly spoilt – My fiancée got me a Desktop Computer with Windows 8, a computer desk, Hitman: Absolution and some  Strategy Guides, my mum got me some Millenium Silver cufflinks and a Real Leather office chair.  My bestie got me a Kinect with Kinect Adventures which i’ve also been rocking whilst playing NBA 2K13 and 3 Point Contest. So yeah a good haul!

Yum Yum

Christmas day was gooood I had offered to cook Christmas Dinner as my mother and little brother were not doing anything and neither was my mother in-law so they came over to us – for my first attempt at Christmas Dinner its safe to say I nailed it! If I do say so myself.

2013's First KissJigga!!New Years was a pretty awesome night, had a pretty good turn out and some good people came and enjoyed themselves;

I love her I Do!!


I got hella drunk and saw out the end of 2012 and in the start of 2013 with some of my nearest and dearest.

In total I have published 49 blogs (50 including this one) since the middle of 2010.  I don’t have a particular number or quota that I need to meet but I do think I need to be more consistent with my writing so after today I will endeavor to publish a blog every Friday, sure if I think of something that I feel I need to share and its say Tuesday? then I’ll still blog it.  I wont limit myself; rather set a minimum for myself, so at the very least there should be a blog a week, so lets see if during the first blog of 2014 I mention that I have increased my blog by 52!.  Content will still be the same infact the content will likely become more diverse as the weeks go on; as I will talk about my week and my Thoughts and Ideals on some of the worlds (near and far) goings on.

See you in a few days.

Ell Himself

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